About Us

Christian Bustos , owner and main machine operator at Ex-Scape , has been working in construction since 1997 . After graduating from Construction Fundamentals at Seneca College , Christian founded Ex-Scape in 1999 .

"We started off focusing on masonry restoration work and hardscape landscaping, before gradually moving towards compact excavation. I personally run the excavators on all excavation and shoring projects. Thereby ensuring safety and real care are put into each and every job."
a bobcat fills a rectangular hole with gravel

Our second main operator , Richard Folkertsma , has over 40 years of experience operating heavy equpment . He started on a skidsteer doing a multitude of tasks for his father's dairy farm in Nova Scotia . Then in 1987 , he moved to Ontario and has been operating skidsteers and dozers ever since .

"It's amazing what 40 years experience really looks like."

We take pride in being a tight knit company . The mutual understanding and respect we have as a crew not only keeps us together , but directly translates to efficient , premium service . At Ex-Scape , we are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction . We are proud to obtain all new work by "word of mouth" , and we are certain your experience with us will allow us to continue our mission to do so .